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Windows 7 has landed...

It has arrived! In all it's glory. Windows 7 RTM was available for MSDN subscribers (like me) several hours ago. Sorry, I lost time staying up all night ;)

Anyhow... what are my first impressions with Microsofts newest OS so far:

1.: It is definitely faster than Vista when run on the same hardware. At least on my laptop where I had the direc comparison. The Laptop came with Vista 32bit preinstalled and I updated it to Win7 64bit. Since the number of bits don't mean performance but rather better memory management and most new PCs are 64bit anyway I still think it's a valid comparison.

2.: Does it look like a beta? Like Vista RTM did? Well, not where it counts. So far I've only found one... ahem... screw up: no matter where I click on a "help" icon or link, the help window shows me that "This topic isn't available in your version of windows"... but that can have any number of reasons: missing internet connection at that time being one :)

3.: As to be expected, driver support is somewhat limited right now. If you really absolutely have to use all of your hardware from the get-go, it'll be better to wait until drivers become available. The MSDN-download I'm using is intended for ISVs to update their software.

4.: Adobe CS4 works fine, including the video apps. Yeah! Finally I can use OnLocation for HDV!

5.: mIRC and Skype also run fine, Skype requires on of the newer versions tough.

6.: Windows Update (WSUS) already has a category for Windows 7, so patch management also started... although all updates were for Office 2007 yet.

Up next: Completing the server update, setting up the new desktop and migrating all software (hopefully) to the new machine...
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