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Eurofurence Meme...

I was gonna go to bed, but then I got tagged... :)

Where are you staying?
Golden Tulip (I has a single room :)

When will you arrive?
August 24 - early afternoon

When will you depart?
September 1 - probably around lunchtime

How are you travelling?
By car.

Where will you hang out mostly?
Lobby - outside if the weather is nice.

What panels are you going to attend?
Will decide when I see what's offered, i.e. once I read the con-book. Looks like I'll be at my own panel this year *shameless plug*.

Do you have fursuits?

Will you draw free sketches?
I can do some stick-figures - but everything that will look "better" will take me hours... so yes, but you wouldn't like them :)

Will you draw commissions?
I have a rule: as long as I won't pay money for art of that quality, I will not take commissions. Or: Maybe in a few years.

Are you going to be at the dances?
Maybe - but not dancing... not my thing.

Are you going to see the pawpet show?
What a question... Of COURSE!

Will you tweet at the convention?
I DO NOT TWEET! Neither here nor there.

Can we hang out?
If you introduce yourself first? Why not...

Can we have lunch/dinner together?
I'll have lunch/dinner once a day... if you want to join in, ask ;P

Getting up early or sleeping long?
Going to bed early - as in the early morning. So don't expect to see me much before noon :)
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