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Trying out (bragging about) my new notebook...

...and the RC of Windows 7. Right now it seems to work - and it's f-a-s-t :) at least compared to the old one. Now all that's missing would be the RTM version of Win7 and I could do more than just testing. But with the current scheduled availability it wouldn't make much sense to use anything else. I DON'T want to install Vista and I want to use the 64bit version, so XP is out of the question too. And don't bother suggesting Linux: I want to use Windows based multimedia software (aka Adobe CS4) on it, so no emulation thankyouverymuch :)

I didn't spend too much on the notebook, since I had two other machines (desktop/server) to update as well. It sucks if all the hardware gets *too* obsolete almost at once. But I think a dual core Intel with 3GB RAM and an (upgraded) 250GB 7200rpm HDD isn't too shabby - of course it has an NVIDIA GPU with some dedicated memory too. *geek moment* I'm only sorry that it isn't a Tablet PC anymore. I got used to the pen feature, but new tablets with comparable features come in at about 2500 Euro. That's more than three times of what I paid for this one.
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