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Aaand Disney comic for some fun again...

Well the (in Austria at least) famous "Lustiges Taschenbuch" has done it again... I only got around to reading the issue in question the day before yesterday so this might be old news to you.

Anyhow: In issue 388 there is a comic about Scrooge McDuck getting in trouble because some imposter published an "inofficial biography". In this book "Scrooge" tells the reader that he liked to play with dolls as a child. As he tries to set things straight again, a TV talkshow host confronts him with a picture in the "2nd issue of his biography" in which "he" confesses that he enjoys dressing up as a bunny and hopping around in his money bin. And there is even a picture to go with it! Yes! Scrooge McDuck in a bunny-fursuit... Page 56 if you can get your hands on a copy. And page 65 has the "showdown": a picture of the imposter in a corset... O.O
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