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Finally got it working...

So, I asked (and got) yappyfox's permission to include a few seconds of the episode...

The YouTube version of the "Pawpet News Flash - 420" can be found here:

So here's the story... On Sunday I listened in to radio unifurse and notice that Yappy is around so I ask him and got the immediate OK (thanks again!)

On Monday, I flop down in front of the computer and (after downloading the episode) cut out the cast reaction to parts one and two. However the download isn't quite my the original edit format (1440 by 1080, upsampled to 1920 by 1080) so I had to extract it in a lower resolution and a less compressed format than MP4 (faster editing speed). No biggie with the Adobe Media Encoder. Insert into the Premiere project, preview: OK. Insert into the timeline: Premiere crash. Hard. It took several tries to find out that Premiere apparently doesn't like to mix different frame rates. Could just say so instead of crashing though...

Anyhow, after about two hours of extract/crash/repeat I finally got the project where I want it. Now export it... "Media Encoder is unable to read source file. Check if it has been deleted". WTF? It's right THERE where it's supposed to be. Turns out that the uninstall of Production Studio somehow affected the already made installation of CS4. But Adobe is oh-so-good and doesn't need a "repair installation" option in their setup routines, noooo... So I had to uninstall CS4 (three hours) re-install CS4 (about two and a half hours) just to get the video encoded... at 6:30am. Ugh.

Finally done, I upload the video to YouTube today. Joy! But what's that? I know the video is about drugs but it is not supposed to BE on drugs! This screenshot shows the original (uploaded) video and what YouTube made of it (same scene, almost the same frame!)

So... re-encode again (slightly different settings) and it works. Create and upload subtitles. DONE!

This would be even more fun if everything would work like it is supposed to at THE FIRST TIME not at the umpteenth time...
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