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An interesting case of artificial stupidity seems to have taken a hold of's data mining models... or maybe somebody didn't think about the obvious during the programming and training of said models.

Here's my little story... (yes, I'm going to be "Uncle Atkelar" for a bit, sorry unclekage :)

I hardly ever buy at - not that I didn't like them but most of my stuff I get the old fashioned way: walk to a store and buy it... that way I can have an actual look at the item in question. But ever so often I know what I want and can't find it anywhere near me so I use their service. This was the case for Weird Al's "UHF" - a movie I have seen previews of during the 90's but never been able to actualy watch. So I think: "Let's buy it on" and buy it, I did. delivered right to my doorstep and I'm a happy little kitten here, watching the DVD several times in a row even and all was good.
Now everybody who ever bought something at knows that they will send out the occasional "you might be interested in product XYZ" mail and that is fine by me too - it's only one or two per week and I've discovered several gems in there.
What's bothering me now is that for the last several weeks suggests that I might be interested in bying "UHF"... *HISSS* don't they check their very own sales logs? Never mind those mega-corporations exchanging (partially sensitive) customer information between each other... they can't even add 2+2 in their own systems it seems!
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