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Pawpet News 4 - "Making of" notes

Well, since I have been asked by a few people, here's a little behind the scenes look again. First, the RC-car I used is a tuned version. The local RC store had those on sale, as well as all the tuning kits on sale, so the geek in me couldn't resist (ball bearings, lights, tires, all-wheel-drive, stronger motor... Oh yeah!) Once I finished with it, the thought "it's even too small for the pawpets to use as a prop" struck me... immediately followed by "hey! that would make a neat joke!"

Here you go, all it's glory, as it is was seen in the little picture behind John D. Mouser, full resolution:

During conception, another problem arose: I wanted to include the joke with the car hitting a wall right off stage and the correct cartoony way of showing this (without even showing the impact) is a tire that comes back into frame after the car has left. But since I'm working alone here, only have two hands and needed this in the correct timing in one shot to work I had to build myself a semi-automatic tire-launcher.

EDIT: I just reviewed the chat-log and the question "how many takes did they have to do for the tire to stop exactly in front of him" was asked. The answer is: one. I almost fell over laughing behind the stage and barely was able to keep J.D. Mouser "in character" as the tire was supposed to run across and off the stage again... I didn't dare make another take, it couldn't get any better than this ;)

Here it is, some cardboard, scotch tape, glue and a wooden stick:

In related news: I have built myself a light rig for my puppet stage... it looks... strange :)
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