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Photography and Electronics

Today's trip to the Vienna Zoo (Schönbrunn) has been blessed with some interesting pictures. I'm going to share two of my favorite ones here:

Prairie Dog + Zoom Lens
Having fun with my 50-500mm zoom lens and a Prairie Dog gnawing on a twig.

Crow Take-Off
I was pointing my camera at a crow in a rather high tree (about three stories high) when the bird suddenly took off. This little picture was the result of a quick camera move and trigger reflex.

As mentioned in the other post, I'm fidgeting around with a Theremin kit. It's actually working! The adjustments are a pain in the behind, because every single movement of everything (hands, tools, wires,...) changes the frequencies... But I managed to get it to a point I'd call success. Without the finished case it's bound to be re-adjusted anyhow.
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