November 15th, 2013


About Twitter bots and app access...

Recent reports about a hijacked Twitter account have led me to this little explanation on the "why" and "how" that has worked.

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This is a detaild explanation of what I think happens and just how twisted some plans are. I may be a tad bit off in some details, but overall I'm sure it's just like that. And it's a good example of just why you need to keep your accounts under watch. To me as a tech-guy it would be a nice service to have a log of invalid AND valid login attempts to your account, INCLUDING IP-Address details. I don't think hacking attempts fall under privacy laws anywhere... And I would like to know if (successful!) attempts are made to abuse my account. It doesn't help to see only invalid attempts either... like my e-mail provider shows me: "7 invalid logon attempts". Great. Does that mean they gave up after the 7th or does that mean they guessed right at the 8th time? I WANT TO KNOW IF I NEED TO CHANGE MY PASSWORD!