December 15th, 2012


Dog's life: Breakfast - achievement unlocked!

So... after quite some hiatus, here's a quick update on the project:

First off, the scheduled release on January 5 is looking very good still.

Second: I have finished the editing - which means that there's still lots of it to come in the next weeks :) So far, it looks awesome! There are going to be some production notes to be released after the premiere as to not to spoil anything, so stay tuned!

And third: A bit of statistical information for the nerds out there.

Video format1080p/24fps
Duration6:00:00 (may get a few seconds longer when the production logo is added)
# of raw video files124
Size of raw video files (MOV)10,790,788,553 bytes
Size of finished video file (MP4)1,453,487,943 bytes
Premiere project file size5,343,413 bytes
After Effects project file size1,545,755
Total time spent editingtwo full days over a month long period.
Total number of "goofs to fix in post"too many. (2 major ones and countless little ones)

I know that some of these numbers seem small compared to other project oere bt this is a six minute short film, not a three hour convention video ;)

I'll release the final version in 720p and keep the 1080p version for a possible BD release if we ever come around doing a follow up to this.