May 12th, 2012

Nostalgic, B/W

...and the camera continues to improve

Today I opened the gearbox of the camera yet again to find one of the switching gears stuck in an awkward position. It blocked the main drive gear from reaching the gear that serves the film transport roll. Move gear, screw together again... insert film... cross fingers... close back... *zzzz-click* [1] - YAY! It makes pictures again!

The internal flash still doesn't charge... I think there might be a short somewhere inside since when the flash is open, the viewfinder-display is gone. But I don't want to open the top again. There's an almost-entirely-gone screw holding it in place...

Besides, right now there's a film inside to test for picture quality and light-tightness. Anyway, so far I'll just call the operation a success!