November 20th, 2010

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OS stability

I have a rather good example of how it is that Windows gets blamed for just about
every crash that there is. Some time ago I bought a cheap "USB-Microscope Camera"
which is basically a web cam device including white high power leds and a focus
feature for very close range - not going to name a brand here.

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Again: if you want your OS to run stable: DON'T INSTALL EVERYTHING THAT'S BLING!

A few thoughts on the future...

Not my future in particular, just technology in general and how I see what's ahead.

During my last meeting with yamavu, we talked a bit about how computers
and technology in general is coming along these days and how I would see what's ahead.

Currently, there seem to be two extreme views on our outlook: the "it-won't-change-much-at-all"
view and the "omfg-star-trek-is-going-to-happen-soon" view.

Since I work with computers for all of my professional career (a whooping 20 years almost)
I think I can word my own view here.

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