September 24th, 2010


Electrical adventure...

I noticed that my office was a bit dim tonight and found out by the rarely ever practiced scientific method of looking up that one of the two flourescent tubes in my lamp has decided that it didn't want to work for me anymore. It quit without any advanced notice.

Sooooo... no big deal. I open up the lamp, turn the tube (carefully and with closed eyes in case something breaks) and take it out. Fine. From the last time I replaced the lamp I had a left over tube from the old one that still worked so I wanted to put in that one. Hrmpf. Too short. By at least ten inches. Why didn't I see that earlier? So I have to get a new tube and throw out two old ones. Sigh. Expenses. But since I have to buy a new tube, I figured it would be a good idea to replace the starter as well. I already know that they get a bit brittle from the heat between the tubes so I touch it ever so gently, close my eyes again and at the slightest hint of turning it... the housing crumbles and I hold the inside between my fingers. Scared the hell out of me. Lucky me, the inside is insulated as well. Who builds these crappy plastic shells??? They should be made to replace some of their own creations sometime.

Edit: Have a picture -