May 19th, 2010


Busy busy busy...

wow... I've been very busy with a small pet-project for the last two weeks. It is - of course - a video. But a little different than what my other published videos are. I think it turned out very well. Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on it. I hope to get it done, encoded and uploaded to YouTube today.

Since it is no pawpet video, I might upload it to FPS (it's only 95 seconds) but I will not wait for an FPS premiere this time, so stay tuned!

*back to work*
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And here we GO!

I can't believe it! I finally made it! After numerous crashes and set backs after my announcement about the new video I finally actually was able to finish the last few steps. Note: it is almost 6am as I'm typing this and I planned on finishing this at 2am at the most.

I had a little help on the overall project:

Luchs (Luchs on FA) provided a stunning soundtrack to go with it. I suggest you check out his other work too.

The great nanook123 kindly stepped in on very short notice and provided me with a matching logo/icon (as you can see here in this post :)

Long story short: I tried myself in the field of 3D character animation. I have been playing around with Animation:Master for quite some time but always for scenery/props and never for actual character animation. It was quite a learning curve... Took me about two weeks to animate these (about) 90 seconds. And that was after I came up with the character "design" and story/gag idea. I had to get all the tools set up, model the character, rig it (oh boy...), then animate about 20 secons, start over again with a different rig, render in HD EXR format with all the bells and whistles, discover that 15 minutes per frame would be too long and reset lots of settings... Ugh. Adobe Media Encoder and the oh-so-nifty "dynamic link" between Premiere and AfterEffects didn't help by crashing several times and wasting hours of waiting time.

But now it's done. I am proud to present:

Episode 1 of Frucosiadas: On The Wheel Together

available on YouTube:

I hope you like it! I'll post a "making of" tomorrow.

Now to go to sleep.

EDIT: Also available, a little something that came up during a chat with yamavu: