March 17th, 2010


Look who arrived! (LJ-F-up)

I received that little fella in the mail. He's getting ready to make an appearance.

EDIT: LJ's ScrapBook is f'd up. I can't set the image to "public"... I tried all the different forms I know to do so. But there seems to be an issue with the login to ScrapBook...

EDIT-EDIT: It seems that ScrapBook ignores every chage to the file BUT instead sets it to "private". Re-uploaded and left it without a title. It seems to work now :(

On a technical note - for those interested out there - this puppet by Folkmanis has a feature I've never seen with them before: there are wires inside the ears to keep them pointing wherever you want. Other than that, it is pretty comfortable for bigger hands. Not as large as the sheepdog but still very comfortable. I might shorten the tongue a bit - it sticks out with the jaws closed :)
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