January 8th, 2009


Donald Duck coming out?

A bit of a strange post, but it's something I just had to throw out there. I only recently got around to reading an issue of "Lustiges Taschenbuch" (a monthly Disney comic book with 255 pages and about a dozen stories each) and in this particular issue (#383) Mickey's 80th birthday was the theme. It has a story starring both Donald and Mickey. Mickey, being the smart one, repeatedly tricks Donald into doing things by tossing a coin and announcing Donald the looser without ever stating who would win.
When the story comes to a point where one of them has to wear a bridal gown, Donald insists that this time HE would toss the coin and indeed, he wins - but just to announce that now he could wear the dress, leaving a rather disturbed Mickey (and reader) behind. Anybody who wants to verify, it's on page 245.
I think this is a funny twist in the story, but to all the people who read more into such depictions there might be more to it, particularly because Donald really poses in that dress... Imagine that storyline in the U.S....