August 26th, 2008


EF 14 - #1

OK... starting a few journal entries about my experiences at my *tada* first con.

The journey to Suhl was pretty exhausting: 650km car ride that took about seven hours. Now unlike our friend kuddlepup, I live in Europe and the local architecture/landscape here isn't that much different from Austria. That's why I will be making only a few pictures outside the con.

What did I bring:
* Health issues (physical and thus safe for others, so no worries!)
* Compact camera (I don't want to have to carry the SLR and lenses around the con)
* Camcorder (even though the firewire port is still fried, I can record some)
* Mouse puppet (with it's custom made lether jacket)
* Commissioned con-badge (will upload image after the con)

Let's see what tomorrow brings ;)
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