July 14th, 2008


Making of: Interactive Debugging

As the video was played, I expected one or two people asking about "how did you do it?"

Turned out that quite a bit more (three actually) ;) were interested in the process I used. That alone would not yet warrant a post like this, but the level of detail in some responses made me decide to use LJ instead of IRC, mainly because I can upload and embed images.

A little basic data up front. I use a consumer grade (yuck!) HDV-camcorder for filming. That gives me raw material with a resolution of 1440*1080 and an aspect ratio of 1.3333 to get to 16:9. Also - since I live in Europe - 25fps.

I use the high resolution throughout the production process to keep more details than ultimately needed for SD video or YouTube. Rendering a movie at a smaller resolution will actually increase image quality and the result looks like a professional SD camera and equipment was used. Also the camcorder doesn't allow for good focus control. It's reasonably well in regular daylight but at the close distances with puppets and what passes as a studio light (LOL) around here focus is either random or guesswork. Rendering "down" also removes that problem.

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'nuff said ;)