April 4th, 2008


An experiment in audio

...has just begun. Today I finelly received the long awaited parcel with my theremin electronics kit. Now I'm tired and cross-eyed, because I just had to do the soldering today.

I don't know if it works though - it came without a case and I don't want to connect all the knobs and plugs without mounting them to something first.

Things to do with this project:

1.: Get a few pieces of wood and sheet metal and make a case.
2.: Finish the soldering
3.: Learn to play
4.: Give up after several hours of 3
5.: Throw it away

Well, maybe not 4 and 5 but that'll depend on the success rate of 3 :-)

EDIT 2008-04-08:

The major breakthrough! I finished the electrical part today and behold: it worked at the first try! Got to adjust the oscillators and finish the case...

Oh and: even though I consider myself to be a non-musical person, I did manage to get a few coherent tones out of it... well, at least I recognized the tune... :/
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