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Made a little picture...

This one, I think might have meme potential.

As for a little backstory: I bought the cute bunny plush for my Chocolate Bunny Death video and it's been sitting on my desk next to my keyboard ever since. One day I noticed that its cute little paws actually could hold small objects which made it look even cuter, especially if it was holding on to something that didn't quite fit the cute image (like the little bottle of vodka). So I started to experiment: what could I put into those innocent paws... along the process I realized that it was just like those cheap "figurine collector sets". You know: use some character model, add different gimmicks to it and give it a stereotypical name like "powerdrill ". Next step: the poster idea ;)

EDIT: fixed a typo and re-uploaded :)

EDIT: Can also be found on FA:
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