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OK - Making of picture time :)

So, the "Chocolate Bunny Death 2009" video was well received. Thanks guys, I appreciate the positive feedback! I think I will keep the "Disc" around for future use... And as Mr. Pratchett wrote "...this is but one of many worlds in this multiverse.." (or similar, quoting of the top of my head here) I think it's OK to use the concept as long as I don't touch on any of his characters or places or call it "The Discworld"... Oh the fun that is copyright and trademark law... :(

Anyway... Here are some pictures I took during the production of that little 3 minute video along with some statistics/fun facts:

  • Time it took to build the "flat world": about 3 days of sculpting with Super Sculpey™

  • Raw video material: 30 Minutes

  • Waterfall: salt + black cardboard (look at the making of of Star Wars Episode I :)

  • Scenes with special effects (green screen + similar): 19

  • Total number of raw video segments: 43 (avi files)

  • Total gigs of raw video material: 6

  • Total gigs of raw audio material: 0.3

  • Costumes sewn for the pawpets: Death's robe, Assassins' "scarf/headgear" thingy, Turban for Kalem, apron and small hat for the innkeeper (raccoon, the apron is acutally a left over piece of the parachute made earlier)

  • Props: hooka, small vodka bottles, blow darts (toothpicks + feathers), blowpipe (straw), bill

  • Pawpets: mouse, raccoon, tiger, cat, river otter, turtle, red fox, grey fox

  • Plushies: bunny, 4 identical elephants

Interesting fact: in no scene there was more than one pawpet filmed at once. Every shot with multiple pawpets visible is composed - my hands don't go that far apart and I only have two of them ;)

Chocolate Bunny Death 2009 (CBD2009) gallery: here.
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