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Back from Cyprus

The trip started off on the wrong foot but the rest went OK.

Here's a picture of (part of) the traffic jam I had to deal with on my way to the airport - I would have liked to take a snapshot of the actual accident as well, but there was police all over the place... and since they don't react well to people making phone calls while driving I didn't even want to find out how they react to people taking pictures while driving ;)

The weather was somewhat cold - for Cyprus anyway - only up to 20 degrees Centigrade and a stiff breeze, as you can see on this picture:

OMFG! That was one good cake! Or rather two, because I came back the other day :) It's "apple pie" served with whipped cream and vanilla ice, decorated with nuts and caramel. Oh and did I mention that it is served hot? *drools*

And something that made me chuckle... The official language of Cyprus is Greek with English as an official alternative (due to the fact of Cyprus once being a British "colony"). So you will find most signs written in Greek and English. It took two days for me to notice that the elevator sign was somewhat different:

Oh - and did I mention that cell phone cameras are pretty neat these days? Certainly not the quality I'm used from even my almost five year old digital SLR but we're getting there...

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