Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

What's wrong? Is it just me...?

OK - this week is now officially off to a bad start...

  1. On Sunday two major cast members of FPS are down and out sick, so no live show (Get well soon Liesl and JR!)

  2. For said show, Yappy decides to re-run show #115 - the infamous "Yatta show". I'm quite happy because it was well before I started watching. Sad thing is: Yappy declared "no download".

  3. For reasons still to be investigated, the show has a worse stream than ever: half the audience (which is below 100 due to the re-run anyway) can't connect to the stream, the other half gets disconnected repeatedly - some very few lucky viewers catch the whole four hours.

  4. ...sad thing is: the yatta-show was (according to Rasvar) 5:30 and the broadcast server cuts off ever so punctual after four hours... :(

  5. I have an assignment on Cyprus this week - so I'm off to the airport on 7:40 to get there two hours before the flight (as is recommended) - but the biggest accident I ever came accross happened on my way to the airport so I barely made it to catch my plane.

  6. Arrived in Cyprus and missed the nice lady from the travel agency who was supposed to take care of my ride to the city - had to run all over the place and talk to people in English who speak Greece as their first language to finally find her.

  7. Arrived in the hotel. Everything checks out so far. After about 10 minutes of settling in I wanted to stock up on some sweets and water so I go out of my room: *squish* *squish* - Busted water pipe in the room next to me.

  8. As I'm writing this (not posting, due to lack of net access) I should actually be working on some examples to use in the course tomorrow... but the maintenance team right outside my door uses a vacuum cleaner to get some of the water out of the carpet... *weeeeee*

OK - I can only hope that's about all for this month - and all within about 16 hours. Not that it's making me emo or something but this much WTF in so little time makes you ask the question: Why me? ...again?

P.S. I won't be online much - for one there's a job to do, and then internet access is pricy around here.
Tags: travel, wtf

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