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Holy dust bunny!


This I just had to share. A little background though: I hate optical mice - the comouter mouse kind, I'm not defaming blind rodents - because they tend to jump all over the place whenever you try to do some precision work in Photoshop, Premiere or similar applications.

That said, I know and accept the fact that I have to deal with lint buildup in the ball-bowels of my trusty old Microsoft mouse. I usually clean it out whenever the pointer gets the least bit erratic. Today the left button on said mouse has decided to semi-fail on me. I have to almost use a sledge hammer to click, so I decided to check the button and opened the ball-compartment because I couldn't see any screws on the bottom... Here's a picture of what fell out - and mind you: the mouse worked perfectly and precise it was just the button failing!

I included the USB plug for size reference...

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