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Time to relax a bit...

...but only a little bit!

I'm working on a medium sized RL project (i.e. making money) and when that's finished, I'll start with the next pawpet short or two. Yes, you read correctly: two! I'll try to write/record two this time. That way I have to set up the stage and pawpets only once and do the editing one at a time. Much less hassle - I hope.

By christmas I will also have to clean up my office and living room... argh! I hate those chores! But once every other year I need to shovel the dust out of my rooms ;)

And another thing is coming up with christmas: baking cookies! Yum! Cooking is the hobby I use to get away from the computer screen for a bit. I'm not that good at it but people survive my treats and look happy, so it could be worse ;) I try to do six kinds of cookies every year. The first ones were good for a LOL in the kitchen when I first made them - they were a bit too hard and when I cut them into the small pieces, my mother asked if I was sawing the breadboard in half ;P

Anyhow: busy time coming up!
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