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Finally some progress is made! The video is a first rough cut right now but at least it seems the opening is going to work. Total running time is 6:23 (including credits) and after the impending preview I'm rendering right now it might get trimmed down a bit - it's unlikely it'll get any longer than what it is right now.
Looks good for a timely Funday submission ;)

EDIT: 1.5 hours later
Edited it down to be a bit under six minutes, i.e. got rid of almost 30 rather boring seconds :)

EDIT: 3 hours later
Added sound effects and rendering second test version. What's left? Color correction, buy production quality version of sound effects check the audio levels and pans, double check for spelling errors in the titles, render final version, upload to YouTube and Yappy, create and upload CC file to YouTube - wait for FPS and hope there are less enough videos for Yappy to show it ;)
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