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One last pre-release update...

...on the current project.

Filming ("principal photography") was done yesterday over a period of 10 hours. Can you say: back-pain? I know you can! ;)

But I couldn't stop myself there - once I'm going I'm just like that pink bunny! Capturing the various sequences for editing took about an hour and a half. Making a rough edit took about two hours. But now I know that I got every shot that I need, I can continue much more relaxed. Oh! And I can dismantle the stage for storage to get my living room back again - until the next production that is :)

What's left to do:

  • Fine tune the edits and check the lip-sync lines up

  • Color correction

  • Credits

  • Add a few sound effects

  • Check and tweak the audio mix a bit

EDIT 2008-10-19: A "behind the scenes" (literally!) picture of the production:

That should do it... Barring technical difficulties beyond my control it should be ready - as planned - for FPS's Halloween show on the 26th of October.
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